Dolejsi Family

These three kiddos were so unbelievably cooperative for their family sessions!  You just never know with a toddler and a baby, but they were nothing less than perfect.  Thank you to my good friend Nicole for letting me capture these memories for you and your gorgeous family. 🙂

Morrison Family

This family session goes down as the fastest one to date!  It was a total of 25 minutes!!  When mom and dad came over for their reveal session, they were thinking they would maybe like 5 images, but here are all of the ones they chose for their package!  But seriously, with a little cutie like that, how could you not love each and every photo!!?


Prystupa Family

I loved getting to meet and hang out with this lovely family!  Working with a two year old can always be challenging, but this little redhead was so absolutely perfect the entire time.  And you can just tell that she is so smitten with her big sister!  🙂



A Rainy Day Sunset Session

Well, after rescheduling this shoot countless times, we finally were able to get out there!  First there was snow, then the rain.  About 45 minutes before this session, it was pouring and very windy, but we waited it out, and I am sooooo happy we did!  The sun came out from behind those clouds, and it turned into a beautiful evening!  You can even see some little raindrops in some of the photos.  🙂

Taylor was the most perfect little boy!  Mom was worried that he wouldn’t give too many smiles, but we were able to get them out of him.  🙂  Isn’t he so adorable!?  And he was super fun to hang out with!

I only offer my outdoor sessions at sunset, and this is why.  That gorgeous evening glow is like nothing else.  I can’t wait for a summer filled with warm sunny days. 🙂